Convince the Sarasota School Board to Allow Black Lives Matter to be Taught in Schools

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We, concerned students of Sarasota County, are trying to convince the Sarasota County School Board to allow the Black Lives Matter movement to be taught in schools. At the most recent school board meeting, the superintendent declared that BLM would not be allowed to be taught in schools.

This decision negatively impacts school curriculum, as this movement is pertinent to multiple classes, including Criminal Justice classes, Sociology classes, Global Perspectives/Research classes, and more. Furthermore, this decision invalidates the struggle of black people and further perpetuates racism in schools. Black lives do matter, and, by proclaiming that this movement cannot be taught in schools like other movements are, the school board is suggesting to its students that black lives do not matter.

The school board has made repeated attempts to suppress support for the Black Lives Matter movement and has repeatedly punished individuals who expressed their support for this movement. We need to take a stand against the school board once and for all, and force them to acknowledge that black lives matter, and that this movement deserves to be included in students' curriculum. Let's stop this cycle of racism in schools. Please sign this petition; it will be presented to the school board at its next meeting.