SUPPORT the Bosnian street dogs from being murdered

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Caki Dog Rescue is a 'not for profit' animal rescue based in the Balkans.

We are a global community of animal lovers who can make a difference, the power we have is by sharing each dogs album or inviting friends from around the world to our club. They in turn invite their friends & a wonderful human comes forward offering a defenceless street dog a happy ever after. We have had many happy adoption stories you can read more about here :

Keep in mind however that many dogs don't get an opportunity to be saved. If the dog catchers find dogs on the streets the treatment is  horrific to and traumatizing, not just for anyone that sees them, but most importantly for the dogs. After visiting Caki and his private shelters, I was in tears for days. The kill shelter dogs are pressed against the wall in fear, not making any eye contact. They shiver and in silence hope to disappear from this earth that has made them suffer so much so early in their lives. It is heartbreaking when you see the fear and pain humans can influct.

Unfortunately, our dog missions are restricted by the amount of money we can raise to keep the current dogs in good health, well fed and in a safe private shelter, where they get to interact with others and run around freely.  Caki takes every dog he finds, some have been found half frozen in the snow during the brutal Sarajevo winters, others have been shot and left to die, while others were beaten half to death and thrown into canals.  His every day is filled with hard heavy images of brutality of the human race. But he still carries on with hope and never says no when he finds a dog in need. Please help us by donating to the link below, following us on facebook or simply sharing the story of Caki and his rescues. 

 Donations to help with rescuing the dogs can be sent to Caki at under 'friends and family' and marked 'gift' for tax reasons. 

Our facebook page is : come and join us and save some lives.