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University of North Dakota: We deserve a logo with more integrity, strength and pride!

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It was an extremely sad day for many proud University of North Dakota alumni, students, fans and friends when the NCAA and the administration put their heads together and decided the way we loved, adored and respected our beloved Sioux nickname/logo could no longer belong to us.  Completely disregarding the night of July 18, 1969 when a full night of events took place in which the Sioux elders gave the University the right to use their name.  However, this petition IS NOT ABOUT RETURNING TO THE SIOUX NAME.  This petition is about the complete mishandling of creating a new logo the alumni, student body, fans, Sioux and friends can rally behind.  The administration did all of us an injustice by hiring an out of state firm who does not understand who and what North Dakota is about.  It is time to reclaim OUR UNIVERSITY and say we have had enough!!  It is time to demand they listen to us.  If they want us to rally around a name that we did not want then give us a logo we can be proud of.  Allow a local artist to create the logo.  An even better idea would be to have the original creator of the beloved Sioux logo Bennett Brien to create the new logo.  This would be the only way the university administration can redeem themselves.  We were foolish to think that Ed Schafer would come in and understand what we needed and this from a UND graduate.  Please take the time to sign and share this petition.  It is not to late to have a new logo designed by someone we can all stand behind and support.  If we must have this name then give us a logo we will have pride, honor and support!

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