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Sarah Palin rejects universal health care but went to Canada for health care when she was young

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Universal health care is a basic human rights' issue.  All Americans should be able to get medical attention and treatment when sick.

It's a very sad commentary to think that republicans like Sarah Palin would prefer that sick people be denied this basic human right. Of course, by denying sick people universal health care, our government would save a lot of money.  And you know what, if sick people die, so too does the need to allocate funding for universal health care because healthy citizens will not want to fund it! 

Perhaps good Christian conservatives like Sarah Palin are embracing the Final Solution for the sick and infirmed.  Remember, she was the one blogging about  DEATH PANELS.  Nothing like resuscitating fundamental Nazi principles.

Nevertheless, I do find it very strange that republicans would be against universal health care especially since their political platform has always been firmly grounded in a good solid economy.  Usually sick and in-firmed people are non-productive because they are suffering from some sort of illness.  Seems to me that if you want a strong economy, you would want universal health care for all Americans to ensure that they are fit and ready for work.  People who are healthy tend to be happier and more productive workers.  That's simply commonsense-- a commodity that the GOP seems to be lacking these days.



Palin says her family went to Canada for health care when she was young

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, a fierce opponent of Democratic health-care reform efforts who has said America under President Obama is headed toward socialism, told a Canadian audience her family used to go to Canada to get medical care when she was growing up.

"My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse. Believe it or not -- this was in the '60s -- we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn't that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada," Palin said a speech Saturday night, according to the Calgary Herald.

Palin spoke before a paying audience of 1,200 in Calgary, with tickets costing between $150 and $200, the Medicine Hat News of Medicine Hat, Alberta, reported.

Whitehorse, in the Yukon, Canada, is north of Skagway.

Palin has also told an alternate version of the story that had her family traveling south by ferry to Juneau from Skagway for treatment of her brother's burned foot, rather than to Canada, according to a 2007 report posted by the Skagway News.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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