Ask the Saskatchewan Government to enforce stricter laws for pets at boarding kennels

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This petition is to gain support for enforcing stricter and more humane animal laws in the province of Saskatchewan.

On September 9th, 2016 fourteen large breed dogs died of heat exhaustion at a local kennel due to a lack of supervision overnight while inadequate heating and cooling systems caused the room the kennels were in to rise to 37 degrees Celcius. 

Sign your name to ask the Saskatchewan Government to add newer and more relevant laws to the Animal Protection Act. These might include:

- Requiring a staff member to be present and working at all times where kennels are boarding large numbers of animals

-Requiring that heating, cooling and other maintained systems are completely up to date

- Requiring that animals are not left unattended.

The dogs who died at the kennel were left alone from 8:30pm until 6:30am.

Currently the Act reads as follows:

Animal Protection Act
The Animal Protection Act became law in 1999; under Saskatchewan law, animals are protected from “distress”.

An animal is considered to be in distress when it is:

deprived of food, water, or adequate shelter
injured, sick, in pain, or suffering
abused or neglected
The Animal Protection Act excludes generally accepted management practices, which are listed in the Animal Protection Regulations, 2000. (These regulations also include information about the powers and responsibilities of Animal Protection Officers in dealing with animals in distress.)

According to The Animal Protection Act as amended in November 2010:

4 (1) No person shall cause an animal to be in distress.
4 (2) No person responsible for an animal shall cause or permit the animal to be or to continue to be in distress.

Penalties for violations of The Animal Protection Act were also increased. Maximum fines of $25,000, imprisonment for up to two years, or both fines and imprisonment may be ordered.

The Animal Protection Act is enforced by Animal Protection Officers who work for a humane society or SPCA. Members of a municipal police service or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are also recognized under the Act as “animal protection officers.”

To avoid a tragedy occurring again please sign this petition to let lawmakers know that Saskatchewan values and loves animals and is committed to protecting their safety and well-being.

A thank you goes to everyone who has been supportive and loving through this incident - your compassion and regard have meant a LOT! Let's work together as a province to make serious progress in the world of animal welfare.