Get Buck out of SAPS Roodeplaat K9 facility

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After the devastating effect of the canine parvo virus that caused the death of 76 puppies at the SAPS' Breeding Section at Roodeplaat, the following incident is currently happening at the very same Roodeplaat Dog School. Nr B 6685 Buck, a Malinois male dog was send to Roodeplaat in early September. Prior to his transfer to Roodeplaat, Buck was utilized as a patrol dog in the K9 Unit Attaqua. Buck was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). He received chronic medication to improve his quality of life and also to enable him to continue with his duties as a patrol dog. His handler also fed him raw pancreas as part of his daily diet. The care that was provided to Buck, enabled him to live a normal healthy life. As a result of a departmental investigation against his handler, it was decided by 'the powers that be' that Buck be sent to the Roodeplaat Dog School.

Buck arrived at Roodeplaat in early September 2019 and no medication has been administered since his arrival. He is also not fed pancreas to improve his health. Buck is currently kept in a kennel, he is not being taken out, has limited interaction with humans and is withering away, whilst in the 'care' of SAPS. An adult male Malinois like Buck is expected to weigh between 30-33 kg. It is evident that Buck has lost an unacceptable amount of weight, whilst being kept at Roodeplaat.

Is this how an organization such as SAPS - that is supposed to uphold the law - conducts its business?

It is imperative that Buck's plight MUST be attented to without delay. And it is also imperative that the employees that are responsible for Buck's current condition be brought to justice. There are ongoing allegations of gross incompetence and mismanagement as well as charges of animal neglect at this facility. Please support this petition to get Buck out is this facility and surrendered to people who care enough to maintain his health. If he is left in this facility he may suffer a slow and painful death.