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Let Samrat Gaj stay with his mother !!

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Dear Dhurba,

You have the opportunity to be the leader of change in baby elephant training not only in Chitwan but in all of Asia.  Baby Samrat is just 2 years old and lives at the Sapana Village Lodge in Sauraha Nepal with his mother. They have never spent one day apart.  There is a very real concern that Samrat will be taken from his mother by force to spend thirty days being trained.
We encourage Sapana Village to be the proponents of change in Nepal and have Samrat trained by positive reinforcement.  He can be trained to have ‘good manners’.  This would mean that he could safely be around his mahouts. 

The other manner of training is negative and it is phajaan training.  The scenario would be that Samrat would be marched with him mother to another location and left there without her.  He would be tied in chains and his mother would be forced to leave him.  This alone is brutal; and both mother and baby will fight this and pay for it.  The mother will be struck repeatedly until she arrives home.  The baby will cry and fight to follow her. 

Elephants can communicate for long distances and the mother and baby will continue to do so. 

Samrat while he stays there will be deprived of food, water, and rest and most importantly his mother until he gives up his fight.  Samrat was very ill this winter his immune system is weakened already.  The current heat in Nepal is stifling.  There are doubts whether he will survive this training.  The stress alone from being separated from his mother will be severe. 

The training will continue until Samrat gives up and surrenders to the trainers.  He will be broken and his life will forever be changed. 

Please Dhurba do not separate this baby from his mother.  Please allow him to be trained humanely.  There is an offer that the cost of the gentle training will be underwritten.  Please take this offer.

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