Make Dance Eligible for P.E. Credit for High School Freshmen

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Though many people see dancing as just girls in pretty dresses twirling on stage, the training behind the beauty is intense and a worthy workout. As a dancer for nearly seven years, I can assure that with a clear-cut curriculum, students can get as much as a workout in a good dance class as they would in P.E. Dancers are required to have great flexibility, but are also required to have the stamina and strength of many athletes in order to execute the movements correctly and safely. Also, one needs endurance to power through dance numbers and to make the movements look easy! Not letting freshmen take dance for P.E credit takes away the opportunity of having numerous students try out a new form of physical activity that also incorporates creativity and expression. They can discover that staying fit does not just mean running laps or shooting hoops. Through dance and the performance aspect, students can overcome stage fright and be comfortable with teamwork. In the long run, dance can also help prevent health issues involving the joints, such as arthritis or frozen shoulder. In order to build a happier, healthier, and more creative community, high school freshmen, and students in general, should be given the option for taking dance in place of physical education. Taking this opportunity away would be both unfair and also limiting to their choices of "physical activity". Thank You.

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