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Santa Rosa 4 Affordable Housing... Not a $10 Million $ Courthouse Square!

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City of Santa Rosa voters; renters, homeowners and landlords... Please voice your opposition whether you vote or not.  Urge your City Council to REVERSE its decision to spend $10 million dollars on The Old Courthouse Square Reunification Project, AND instead, use the money to ALLEVIATE the city's critical housing shortage!

Greetings citizens of Sonoma County,

1. Whereas we acknowledge that our City of Santa Rosa has repeatedly been put on notice to correct its unprecedented housing crisis. The money for the Old Courthouse Square Reunification may be better allocated for our urgent housing needs. RENTERS, would you rather have $10 million dollars amortized to $13 to $20 million dollars over 30 years; to help pay for rental housing subsidies? DEVELOPERS, would you like to overcome approval, permit fee, and time-line obstacles to building affordable housing for families? 

2. Whereas we have calculated the total cost of the proposed $10 million dollar Old Courthouse Square Reunification project loan at a rate of 5% interest, amounting to approximately $665,000 per year over 20-30 years. Hence, project cost approximates between $13 to 20 million dollars, not including project overruns.  Instead, we want these funds allocated to immediately alleviate the city's housing emergency!

3. Whereas we want understand how the city will make use of "Certificates of Participation" , aka COPs, which have been proposed as a finance instrument for the reunification of Old Courthouse Square.  COPs do not require a public vote. Yet, the expenditure is in the form of a lease-back payment taken out by the city on one of its buildings, OR, the city leases the money from a bond holder and the lease payment comes out of the city taxpayer general fund. Please watch the City Council Meeting archived video dated September 22, 2015, in particular the section about Old Courthouse Square Financing options; sections 4.1, and 14.1. We urge you to watch this video, as its crucial in helping Santa Rosans understand how this type of finance circumvented a city-wide vote! 

4. Whereas we have seen City Council provide hard data to quantify our housing emergency.  Yet, we can find no hard data in the form of a financial feasibility study as it pertains to the reunification and generation of new tax revenue for the city.  Likewise, we find no data for "return on investment" or payback period from the City Council to substantiate to voters a $10 million dollar expenditure on The Old Courthouse Square.

5. Whereas our citizens will not accept lack of housing any longer. The city may move forward with this project, but the PEOPLE, (a fair majority of them as renting voters) will not forget how the City Council incumbents went against them in a time of great need.

Please sign this petition to express and preserve your right to vote.  By doing so, you will urgently impress upon your City Council members to put measurable human suffering first and foremost in the midst of Santa Rosa's WORST housing crisis to date.


THANK YOU for your consideration!


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