Terminate Officer Koby Arnold from the Santa Monica Police Department.

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Officer Koby Arnold wrongfully arrested me December 23, 2011 causing me to spend the night in jail, have my blood drawn, falsify a police report, tow my car, and made my dogs go to the pound, all because I had exercised our constitutional rights. After the blood results proved I was sober when pulled over, I filed a lawsuit against Officer Koby Arnold and the department.

I was shocked to find out that this was not the first time Officer Koby Arnold's name was mentioned in a lawsuit. Just in 2008, according the complaint, "Officer Koby Arnold attacked him from behind.. Immediately thereafter, Burke alleged that he was tased by Officer Michael Rogozik, and then again by Arnold, at which point Burke fell to the ground." In 2012 the victim, Mr. Paul Burke was awarded $99,000. Officer Koby Arnold was not terminated from the department and kept his job as a motorcycle patrol officer. 

Three years after he had wrongfully arrested me, the city decided to also settle with me for $70,000 for the actions of Officer Koby Arnold. Thankfully, I had recorded the stop with my cell phone and had proof of what was said during the stop which you can view here, https://youtu.be/3dBvFpfiaF8 I had originally filed the lawsuit not for money, but because I had felt Officer Koby Arnold was a danger to civilians on the road and he must be held accountable for his actions. 

Unfortunately, instead of Koby Arnold being terminated you can watch him here riding horses on the beach https://youtu.be/rO07JsUQOzQ?t=25s Please sign this petition to help clean up Santa Monica's Police Department.