Protect Yossi Govrin's vision as founder & Director of our Santa Monica Art Studios!

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The Santa Monica Art Studios (SMAS) was first built and brought to life by Yossi Govrin back in 1985, with the vision of creating both a sanctuary for the arts and a center of community.

Since then, it has been a landmark in the cultural scene of Los Angeles, providing emerging and established artists alike with unique creative spaces and opportunities, engaging the arts community with it’s platform through national and international exhibition programs, and humanitarian efforts throughout the years including Yossi hosting over 600 fundraisers and events held for the disadvantaged in the local community; working with Fresh Start, ArTribe, Habitat for Humanity and long list of organisations big and small.
Through these positive contributions to the citizens and the city, our founder & director Yossi Govrin has been recognised with the Critical Leadership Art Award from the Santa Monica Art Foundation and personally received the certificate from the California Legislature Assembly in celebration and appreciation of the Studios and it’s exceptional achievements and significant local impact.

Today we find the beating heart of our entire creative home here is under threat, as the Santa Monica Art Studios finds itself caught in the crossfires between the City and the Santa Monica Airport’s turf war. With the rights of the studios falling through the cracks of this external disagreement between two giants, the City is now regretably using this as an excuse to strip Yossi Govrin’s 33 year business from him and strong-arm in some external developers to continue the management and legacy of his very own independent business.

As with all things in life that hold genuine value, what Yossi has built here cannot and should not be reduced to numbers and spreadsheets. A true artists home and nothing short of an extension of Yossi’s vibrant and creative spirit, we must stand together to protect this ecosystem and all that Yossi has rightfully cultivated here over the past 33 years. We call on the Cultural Affairs dept, the Santa Monica mayor and the Santa Monica City council to protect their community from cultural bleaching and to protect their citizens rights to manage their own businesses.
We who call this Studios home wouldn't wish it any other way.