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We believe, after exhaustive research of all options, that the Trail-Only design is the only solution that gets the most people moving at a cost our community can afford. Why?

  • The Trail-Only scenario is projected to move 6,105 bicyclists and 7,462 pedestrians daily compared to 2,750 round trips for passenger rail for about 1/10th of the cost of the Rail-with-Trail plans.
  • There are numerous and costly design constraints for any rail option, particularly in the central and southern reaches of the corridor, which include 22 trestles as well as sloughs, steep embankments, sensitive habitats and lots of trees.
  • There is a substantial difference in the user experience between walking and bicycling adjacent to an active train versus the Trail-Only approach. The Trail-Only design receives grades of A’s and B’s and the Rail-with-Trail plan receives E’s and F’s (grades A – C are considered acceptable). Rail-with-Trail also forgoes forever the beauty, tranquility and emission-free outcomes of a Trail-Only approach.
  • Countless examples from other communities nationwide show the popularity and wisdom of public investments in pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructure.
  • There is an option to preserve the right-of-way for use by future transit technologies. It’s called Rail Banking and many communities nationwide use it.
  • A complete copy of the study can be downloaded from 

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  3. My name can be used publicly as an endorser of the Great Santa Cruz Trail study conclusions.