"Stop High Density Zoning for Water St and Soquel Ave. in Santa Cruz, Calif.”

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The citizens signing this petition would like to prevent Water Street and Soquel Avenue, in the City of Santa Cruz, from being re-zoned as Mixed Use High Density; 10 to 55 density units per acre zoning which could result in building heights of 55 to 65 ft high. This petition asks the Santa Cruz City Council to limit the allowed building zone density to Mixed Use Low Density; 10 to 20 density units per acre on Water Street and Soquel Ave. We believe minimizing additional traffic caused by high density buildings will help to prevent  increased risk for walkers, bicyclists and drivers along Soquel Avenue and Water Street and also curb further air and noise pollution and water shortages in drought years.

In the Santa Cruz document entitled “The General Plan 2030” it states in Number LU 4.2.2 that criteria for amending the zoning ordinance to allow infill parcels near or adjacent to the areas can be re-designed to Mixed Use High Density (MXHD) where appropriate. This petition to the City Council of Santa Cruz states it is not appropriate to zone for Mixed Use High Density on Water Street or Soquel Avenue in the City of Santa Cruz.