The Resignation of City Councilman Bob Kellar

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Bob Kellar, a former officer of the LAPD and current city councilmen, in his own words is “a proud racist.”

Kellar has been an elected member of the Santa Clarita city council since 2000, maintaining a gripping white supremacist stronghold on our town.

At a city council meeting located outside the local police department in 2010, Kellar announced an impassioned speech to a large crowd. During the speech he exclaims into the microphone, "If that's what you think I am because I happen to believe in America, then I'm a proud racist. You're darn right I am”. The crowd proceeds to cheer.

The speech was caught on video and created a stir within the community, but Kellar stands behind his remarks and to this day refuses to apologize.

He backed Mike Garcia, a Republican who serves as the newly elected representative of California’s 25th congressional district. Kellar describes Garcia as “All American” and “supports our president.” Garcia himself has a reputation of hiring blatantly and outwardly racist staff members.

Los Angeles County and the world, we must come together and do what we can to force this despicable white supremacist, Bob Kellar, out of his position of power.

Link to Bob Kellar’s city council speech: