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Tell the SCVWD to keep the Beavers in Downtown San Jose, CA.

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The Santa Clara Valley Water District has said they would not relocate the Beavers Rachael Gibson of SCVWD stated "This latest colony to establish itself is evidence that our efforts to retore and protect the watershed have paid off!” SCVWD Staff also agreed to mitigate with Guadalupe River Park Conservancy if an when any Beaver related flood control issue arose

A family of Beavers showed up in the Guadalupe River in Downtown San Jose, CA in the later part of March 2013. Urban Wildlife Research Project confirmed that there are three Beavers consisting of a Mother who is pregnant, and two yearlings. The water district is uneducated when it comes to Beavers because they have been absent from our ecosystem for over 150 years, and they want to remove the beavers. But "any organization smarter than a Beaver can keep their Beavers"- Heidi Perryman of Worth A Dam; paint the trees so the Beavers can not chew, install a pump device to maintain desired water level in their pond, its not rocket science!

"It is proven that beaver are native to Santa Clara County (specimen from 1855 from Saratoga Creek in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) and have myriad beneficial effects to salmonids, endangered red-legged frogs and western pond turtles and innumerable birds. Because the water is deep they have not had to build a dam. Even if they built a dam the experience is that they blow out in winter storms even on small streams like Alhambra Creek in Martinez, and pond heights can be easily controlled with flow devices.

These are the first beaver documented in Santa Clara Valley in 158 years, however with habitat this good, even if the beaver are removed it won't be long until the Guadalupe is recolonized. I suspect they either come down from above Lexington Reservoir (an arduous journey down the Lenihan Dam spillway which is hard to imagine) or colonizing in from the east via the re-naturalized salt ponds (this seems more likely as beaver commonly use saltwater to move from one stream to the next)."- Richard Lanman Beaver Conservationist.

Tell the water district we need proper management if and when the beavers make a dam, so that Beavers can once again be part of our valleys ecosystem. Now that the Beavers are back other lost species will return too. Keep the Beavers in San Jose!!!!

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