Santa Clara Unified School District: Don't Change Sutter Elementary School Boundaries

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We, the residents of Mariposa Gardens in Santa Clara, recently heard that the Santa Clara Unified School District is reopening the Central Park Elementary school and is considering changing Sutter Elementary school boundaries in two of the five options presented to the community. As residents of Mariposa Gardens, currently in Sutter attendance area who will be impacted by options 2 and 6 highlighted above, we strongly oppose changing Sutter school attendance area for the following reasons:

  • Safety of our children is compromised. Homestead and Kiely is a very busy junction with the strip malls and a gas station. Crossing Homestead to go to Central Park is dangerous for young children.
  • Community members have made a major life decision buying their homes in Mariposa Gardens with Sutter in mind. These are hardworking people who have sacrificed a lot and invested huge amounts of time, emotion and money to give their children the opportunity to attend a great school like Sutter.
  • A brand new school is an unknown and is a risk for people who currently fall under Sutter which is a known good school. 
  • Neighborhood identity is compromised. When the homes in Mariposa Gardens were built in 1955, the tract included homes across Kiely going up to Fairlane Ave. Homestead Road is the boundary of our neighborhood. Having our school change to Central Park (located across Homestead) will break up the original neighborhood lines and impact the spirit of community in the neighborhood.
  • Current Sutter school attendance area is stable with not much scope for high density infill projects. So the student population in this area should be nearly constant over the years. We understand that overcrowding at Pomeroy is a problem, however Sutter is not overcrowded. We believe that changing Sutter attendance area is inappropriate and doesn't solve the overcrowding issue in a fair manner.
  • We feel we did not get timely notice. Many of us did not find out about this change till the week of October 12th and the vote for this major decision is in mid-November. A lot of people still do not know about it. This may not have given enough time for people to get this information and react.

We feel there are alternate ways to deal with this issue keeping long term growth of all three schools in mind, including but not limited to,

  • Make Central Park Elementary a 100% open enrollment school to give it a few years to establish itself. Make the open enrollment school more desirable with a magnet program or track, parent participation, language immersion, etc. Give parents the choice of whether they want to stay in their current school or attend the new school. 
  • Sutter is not over-capacity yet and it is unlikely that it will grow exponentially due to reasons stated earlier. To deal with it potentially going over capacity in future, add portables and/or second stories to existing school structures to allow room for more classrooms.
  • Focus on using funds to improve existing schools so people of Santa Clara can all have access to good schools

We love living in Santa Clara and being a part of the Mariposa Gardens community. We hope you will consider our concerns and keep Mariposa Gardens within Sutter.

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