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Full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Dengvaxia sale and acquisition

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1. Sanofi Pasteur

Sanofi (UK office)
One Onslow Street
Tel: 01483 505 515

2. Benigno Aquino III
Former President of the Philippines

3. DOH officials at the time

To fully explain the circumstances surrounding the sale and acquisition of the vaccine, DengVaxia by the Philippine Government at the time of President Benigno Aquino III?

The DOH at the time purchased P3 billion worth of the drug which it intended to use in their inoculation program targeting 1 million public schoolchildren in areas where there was a high incidence of Dengue.

Whilst I have no doubt in my mind that these drugs were acquired with the intention to protect public health, I fail to understand why they were purchased in the first place, before waiting results of a comprehensive clinical trial.

Following an announcement this week, it transpires that those children who have been given the vaccine who have not suffered with Dengue are at greater risk of a far more serious case of the said illness.

Was there any person or persons who sought to benefit from a commission or profit from the sale or acquisition of the said vaccine and what meetings took place between the Aquino government and the drugs company?

We fully expect victims and their families to be fully compensated for this outrageous state of affairs as well as a full investigation and where a child does acquire Dengue following administration of the vaccine, full medical care and support at the best facilities in the country.

Why have both parties somehow used Filipino children as human guinea pigs in order for possible financial gain, even forsaking their rights to a normal and healthy life in some kind of sick experiment or lottery of life?

We expect answers, I am aware of personal friends who have written to me, informing me that their children have also been given the said vaccine and demand answers and reassurances that their children are safe and not at risk.

Malcolm Conlan

Concerned British Citizen, London, UK

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