Help transgender youth receive gender-affirming care!

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Please help transgender and non-conforming youth in Iowa! Representative Sandy Salmon wants to create a bill that would ban all kinds of gender-affirming care for  trans youth in our state.  This would mean that they could never receive any kind of NECESSARY medical care to help them feel safe and comfortable in their bodies, as well as remain healthy, happy and confident. A bill like this would encourage 

Our representative believes that transgender youth will outgrow being trans, and this is not true. Gender dysphoria is something that LGBT+ youth struggle with for life, and it can destroy their lives.  

We need your signatures now, to prevent such a bill from being put into place. 
The effects it'd have would be devastating, and would reinforce discrimination and turn Iowa into an unsafe place for children based on something they couldn't even control. No human should be denied medical care based on their identity. 

Here's an article on the situation.

Help us out by calling or emailing our representative and demanding that she drop this bill! Her number is 319-987-3021, and her email is Don't let hate become part of Iowa's history, and its laws. We have to do something.