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Sandy City Shelter Reform

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If this shelter continues to run as it has been, countless more animals will never stand a chance of finding a forever home. They will be subject to a horrific death by gas chamber, possibly without ever even being seen by a potential adopter. This shelter refuses to network their animals claiming it is against policy. They only allow photos of current animals to be posted on their website and they never take photos of the cats that are in their care. Not only does Sandy City Animal Services refuse to network their animals, they do not participate in any adoption events, and refuse the help of volunteers and rescues. This particular shelter could easily be a refuge for ten times the amount of dogs they typical house at once. Yet once their time is up, they are still euthanized, leaving shelter, empty and quiet the majority of the time. Tax dollars are being carelessly spent on salaries rather than being spent on the animals the shelter is supposed to save. The lack of concern, and lack of effort is unacceptable and we will no longer tolerate it. These animals deserve better, they deserve a chance.

We are requesting policies to be enforced that would require the shelter to work with rescues, take pictures, network animals, increase hold times, contact rescues before they euthanize. There is absolutely no reason why Sandy City Animal Shelter should not be a no-kill shelter. They have plenty of space and have a nice tax funded budget. If anything they should be taking in more animals from neighboring shelters that are at capacity.

The 2012 Budget for Sandy City Animal Shelter is $452,388. According to the budget and the salaries on Utah's Right To Know, after all is said and done including salaries being paid the shelter is left with $46,953. For “other” expenses (utilities, animal care, etc.)

According to this website listed below it states; “Sandy City last updated on 10-26-2011. Records based on the 2011 fiscal year, and reflect gross compensation, which includes wages, benefits, bonuses, incentives, etc.”

The following is a list of Animal Control salaries and job titles:

Sharon Dennison Animal Services Director $68,776

Wayne Olson Animal Services Officer $64,498

Kristopher Pease Animal Services Officer $52,790

Hillary Sterner Animal Services Officer $65,823

Sean Tischner Animal Services Officer $62,757

Daphne Turner Animal Services Officer $44,669

Ian Williams Animal Services Officer $46,122



However according to the budget documented on Page 123 of Sandy City Fiscal Year Budget 2012 it states:
Regular: Minimum Maximum (Bi-weekly salary)
Animal Services Director $1,619.20 $2,684.00
Shelter Manager $1,110.40 $1,841.60
Animal Services Officer $1,056.80 $1,727.20

TOTAL YEARLY SALARIES = $384,134.40 max
(Total amount figured using the maximum allowed for salaries for one Animal Services Director and seven Animal Services Officers)

These amounts reflect a overage of $21,300.60

Utah's Right To Know only has 7 employees listed, while Sandy City Fiscal Year Budget 2012 states that they have 8 FTE, meaning that the salary maximum allotment may be even more over budget.

Sandy City developed a contract to provide limited services for Cottonwood Heights City. In 2010, Sandy provided housing for 115 animals for Cottonwood Heights and received revenue of $4,600 for sheltering of animals.

Reference Links:
UT Admin Code R438-13.Rules for the Certification of Institutions to Obtain Impounded Animals in the State of Utah.
Division of Administrative Rules
Division of Archives & Records Service
Information obtained here can be used to verify the activities of the shelters.

***You do not have to be a resident of Sandy City to support this cause!***

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