The William “Kai” Bristow Angel Monument

The William “Kai” Bristow Angel Monument

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Kurtis B​.​Kannon started this petition to Sandwell Council and

I wish to create road softer awareness by installing a Memorial Monument in tribute to William Kai Bristow who’s life was cut short as a result of an accident on the Black Country route.

Wether you love me or hate me... if you loved Kai... or if you care about the future of road safety awareness or a loved one you know who drives then I could do with your help.

I was going to do a bench at first but others took the idea and ran it into thin air... so I’ve been doin little things of my own back under the quite for my guy Kai. Now the final end may take up to a year or just a bit over but it will be worth it. I’ve filled out forms to apply for this and done what I need to, I now have an the attention of Sandwell council and in talks on erecting a monument of Kai with angel wings as a tribute to him and to create Saftey awareness for drivers.

Anyone who likes this post, or shares this post, I will be in contact at some point for your name, phone number and adress to put on a petition form that says you are happy for the go ahead or wish to see this happen. I will be taking that form to my meeting with Sandwell council along with a few of Kai’s loved ones and propose my plans.

Here is the my pledge for your signatures so like and I’ll be in touch as the ball gets rollin. Also below is the pictures I will be using to hire an artist to make a 14ft Kai bristow Memorial on the center ofvthe Black Country Route.

My app proposal;

On the 6th of Dec 19.... Me and my friend were passengers in a vehicle which had an accident on the Black Country route.
I want to pay for the erection of a statue of Kai with Angel Wings and place it in the center divider where the sign is on the Black Country route where the site of the crash is.
I want this to make other road users aware of the dangers of dangerous driving and also somewhere to remember him by when passing that location.
If approved, I am willing to pay for the artist and the statue. I will also pay the cost of securely fitting the statue to meet the council’s safety needs.
I need as much signatures as possible to make this work. I’ve contacted the council but wish to approach them with backing of every one who knew Kai, everyone who cares and for the future saftey of our roads.

William “Kai” Bristow was born on the 26th June 1998. He was a really smart bright kid who had no boundaries on how far he would go to make others happy. He had just became a father and was very excited to be taking the next step in life. He was and still is an excellent father and an outstanding member of the community. Since the accident where his life was cut short, many including myself have been at a loss.

I hope doing this will remind others to take care because everything can change in a split second. If any support groups are formed to help build and install this monument, then I’d like the remaining to be put into a government savings account for his son to access when he reaches of age.

-This would all be easier be the support of the families involved with the victims of the crash but I’ll push for this alone if I have to.

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