Get Portland Business Alliance to remove billboards demeaning homeless people

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The Portland Business Alliance is running a marketing campaign aimed to address Portland's homeless crisis which includes offensive billboards that imply all homeless people are drug addicts. This is not only a heartless message, it is simply untrue. Some homeless people have mental illness. Some might have a minimum wage job and can't find affordable housing or feed their children. Some might have had a health crisis and don't have insurance.

Visitors to our city are seeing these billboards which tell them that all homeless people are addicts and not to help them by giving them spare change. Homeless people are citizens of this city and they need help! We need to stop the stereotyping homeless people. The Portland Business Alliance should spread the message of compassion. Of LOVE. Of coming together for our homeless community and finding them safe haven and resources to get back on their feet.

Organizations like Street Roots are helping homeless people by encouraging people to spend their spare change on a top-quality newspaper sold by a homeless vendor. This allows the vendor to earn income (along with their dignity) and give them a chance at a  better life.

Please sign this petition to convince the Portland Business Alliance to remove these offensive billboards to help organizations like Street Roots continue to make positive change in our community.

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