Recreate Sanborn Regional School District's Mascot.

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I'm a student of the Sanborn Regional School District. It's shameful to me that we are 1 out of 9 schools in New Hampshire that still use an indigenous person as their mascot. This is not right. This has been debated many times before and indicates that there's an issue to be resolved. However, nobody has taken the time or interest to correct it. Let's work together to change that.

The predominant argument against changing our mascot is that it's part of our history and tradition. In my opinion, that type of tradition has no place in the future of our school. This kind of history is not something to be proud of. I think it's inappropriate to use the images and culture of indigenous people in this manner. Native Americans and indigenous people have rich history and culture and should not be reduced to a stereotype or caricature.

As a student of the Sanborn district, I had become numb to the impact our mascot has on others. Our mascot is used as a logo, it's everywhere. From our letterhead to our athlete's sweat bands. It's inescapable. It's not only unacceptable, it's unethical. An institution of education that teaches us about the negative results of racism and social injustice, cannot continue using this mascot and logo while teaching against it. I can not show my "Sanborn Pride" while wearing a sweatshirt with a Native American mascot on it, can you?

Would you please join me and helping me end this "tradition". Help remove this harmful mascot, and build new history and traditions for the Sanborn Regional School District. 

I believe our students and community could come together and create new ideas for a mascot more fitting of our Sanborn values! We could even vote on it!