Tell San Ramon City Council to Oppose Dangerous On/Off Ramps to I-680 on Quiet Norris Cyn Rd

I'm a San Ramon resident, and was outraged to discover the San Ramon City Council has endorsed a proposed measure to waste over 200 million in taxpayer dollars to put HOV freeway On/Off ramps to I-680 on residential Norris Cyn Road.

These freeway ramps will have a dramatically adverse affect on our quality of life here in San Ramon.
● These ramps will add traffic lights to control the On and Off freeway access, creating a dangerous intersection with trucks and buses exiting 680 onto Norris Cyn at high speeds from the freeway.
● Additional traffic lights and heavy vehicles on Norris Cyn will increase traffic on local roads, creating a safety hazard for our children riding their bikes to school. These ramps will also impede the easy and safe access our residents currently enjoy between the west and east sides of our city.
● The additional traffic will add exhaust pollution, as well as amplify noise levels with large vehicles braking at traffic lights, then accelerating onto Norris Cyn. The increase in traffic will also delay emergency response to both sides of the city.
● Access to I-680 will only be for HOV vehicles— including trucks and buses— while excluding most San Ramon residents from using these freeway access ramps, even though our city taxes are being wasted to build and maintain them!

Currently, 2 out of our 5 city council members, Bill Clarkson and Harry Sachs, have publicly stated that they are against the construction of these ramps on Norris Canyon. Councilmen Scott Perkins, Phil O'Loane, and Dave Hudson are undecided on this issue.

San Ramon residents, join me in calling for our City Council to send a formal Statement of Opposition for the City of San Ramon to the CCTA, Cal Trans, and any other agency involved in the construction of these ramps stating our objection to this proposed measure.

Sign this petition and tell the San Ramon City Council that residents of San Ramon are against the construction of freeway On/Off ramps from I-680 onto Norris Canyon Road.  

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    Candace Andersen
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    Karen Stepper
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    Don Tatzin
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    Michael Metcalf
  • City Council
    Amy Worth
  • Chair of the CCTA Commissioners
    Julie Pierce
  • CCTA Commissioner
    Newell Arnerich
  • Ross Chittenden, Dep.Ex.Dir.Projects
    Ross Chittenden

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