HELP US Protect our Greenspaces, Neighborhood communities, Creeks, and San Ramon wildlife.

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HELP US Protect our Greenspaces, Neighborhood communities, Creeks, and San Ramon wildlife.

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Liras Chan started this petition to San Ramon City Council and

Including: San Ramon City Council, San Ramon Planning Committee, Mayor Dave Hudson

The San Ramon Planning Commission and City Council are debating plans for the future of El Nido house on San Ramon Valley Boulevard and Westside Drive. There is a proposal for a three-story, 27,947-square-foot senior care facility with 84 beds on 0.7 acres and include renovating the Harlan house into a commercial office space and commercial kitchen! We as San Ramon community neighbors and residents are objecting to this decision to the City Council and Planning Committee.
This project was presented in 2017 and there was pushback from the public on the proposed developments for the property, and now the developer, Sohail Siddiqi is trying again. The developer has had a chance to relocate this property to safer space, but has decided not to do so. This is not a complement to the neighborhood, this will alter the character of the neighborhood cause innumerable inconveniences to the residents.
A previous project for Church of the Valley that was rejected stated that the conservative estimate by the developer is that the project will add approximately 600 additional traffic trips to an already congested San Ramon Valley Boulevard. See here for the previous petition.
San Ramon Valley Boulevard is the main thoroughfare for the local schools: Neil Armstrong, Walt Disney Elementary School, Montevideo Elementary School, Pine Valley Middle School, and Cal High School. Adding more cars will add noise and traffic to all the neighboring streets as cars will also navigate to other streets to avoid San Ramon Valley Boulevard. The planned project will also increase the risk of traffic violations and accidents in what is already a dangerous intersection.
Over 90 direct neighbors surrounding the proposal site who have already given their objections.

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What do we have to lose here? A WHOLE LOT! This commercial project will be in close proximity to current residential properties. This is a community-wide concern as the City of San Ramon continues to push new develpoments closer to residential properties. We are NOT against senior housing developments, but reckless developments produced without an eye on long-term benefits such as this park designation. We need to protect the parks and green spaces around us. For every housing develpoment, the city needs to keep some parks to create new ones! But why destory one that is already there? This is clearly a case of overdeveloping a residential area and disregarding the interest of the residents.
If this project goes forward we are set to lose the greenery, the wildlife, and the protected creek bank with the removal of environmental and biological habitats. Some of the wildlife in San Ramon includes: deer which use this protected creek! Also raccoons, foxes, opossums, and squirrels. Construction in this space will separate habitats, those feeding and breeding on the land. There is a volunteer organization that focuses on the health of San Ramon Creek and its watershed here.

FEMA has also inspected the creeks in San Ramon and provided assistance to restore creek banks to predisaster conditions after flooding. San Ramon Creek. This is a protected creek bank and to interfere or disrupt the habitat is dangerous to the environment and to people. We must protect our natural creek habitats and protect ourselves.

This will disrupt the overall peace of the neighborhood with diminishing views, creating blindspots for drivers, safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists.
The QUALITY OF LIFE is important in San Ramon and we all live here to enjoy and explore that. This is how unappealing the current state of the project looks. There needs to be major restoration in order to make this house a commercial useable facility.

We need to speak up and take action! Look at how unappealing this looks and how it does not fit with its surroundings. IF the developer is truly concerned with the historical value of the Harlan House, as he claims to be, he would not have allowed it to degenerate into such a dilapidated state.
Please sign below to tell the San Ramon City Council and San Ramon Planning Committee members to vote “NO” on this over intensified land use which is inappropriate for this busy location. If this can happen here, it can happen anywhere in San Ramon. Please share your opposition to this project with our City leaders.

Here is what you can do now to help: VOICE YOUR CONCERNS. Join us in objecting to this project and preserving what’s left of the beautiful environment San Ramon has to offer. Tell all your neighbors, colleagues, friends, any and everyone you can who lives in San Ramon. Sign and share this petition with them. Have them share on all social media platforms. Stay informed: click on Settings and tell to send you updates about this project.
Thank you for your valuable time! Thank you for taking a stand to SAVE OUR BELOVED CITY, Protect our Neighbors, Neighborhoods, and Environment!
Sincerely, San Ramon Residents and Your Neighbors.
For the latest plans concerning this project, please go here. Also, you can directly email San Ramon officials and let them know you oppose this development. We recommend you send your email to the following:

San Ramon Mayor, Dave Hudson
Vice Mayor, Sridhar Verose
Council Member, Sabina Zafar
Council Member, Scott Perkins
Council Member, Mark Armstrong
City Planner, Cindy Yee

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!