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Prevent SMUHSD from Building Employee Housing on Mills Campus!

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We, the Mills High School Thunderbolt newspaper and leadership class, are AGAINST employee housing being built on our campus. It is unsafe, unnecessary, and unfair.

Mills just finished going through a period of renovation. Employee housing would result in years of construction, as new tennis courts and fields would be built. Students would have to practice sports at other schools such as Capuchino High School, or even at other facilities.

Just two years ago, Mills housed Design Tech, a charter school, on its campus. Students and parents were angry about it, but it still went through. Eventually, Design Tech was moved after its first year, thus just disrupted the Mills community. We do not want the same thing to happen here.

Having teachers live on campus would be uncomfortable for both students and teachers, ruining our populous school spirit. We have a strong faculty of teachers and staff, though we have faced issues with assault in the past. This housing would only make these crimes more accessible and easier to commit. And vice versa, students could easily vandalize this housing, putting teachers at risk.

This housing will only cause more problems. As of now, many teachers are unable to afford living in the expensive Mills area. Providing teachers with discounted housing would help this problem, but only for a short time. Teachers would only be able to live there for five or so years, after which they would have to leave.

At the end of the day, the students should be most important. This money could be going towards new gym equipment or new band instruments. Yet instead, it would be put towards cutting the Mills campus even smaller.

There is nothing wrong with helping teachers. However, not at the expense of the students.

Don’t let the district house teachers on our campus. Don’t let student safety be tossed to the wind. Don’t let Mills be used for the district’s experiments. Don’t let your voice be overshadowed.


Here is the page for full information.

Here is the presentation presented to the Mills Community on Jan 31, 2017.


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