Stop Unnecessary and Harmful Cell Towers in the City of San Mateo, CA

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There are NO laws regulating the installation of cell towers in San Mateo even though nearby cities adopted laws years ago. We can’t allow corporate greed to destroy citizen rights and harm our families and neighborhoods.

We urge the San Mateo City Council to protect our rights and to ensure the following:

1.  The primary focus of any cell tower ordinance must be to protect the public health and safety and to preserve our property values. 

2.  The cell tower ordinance must be limited to 4G technology only.  A new ordinance and design standards must be adopted to regulate 5G technology.

3.  Our city must thoroughly challenge telecom applicants to ensure that any proposed cell tower is necessary to close a substantial gap in services.

4.  We demand that our City government provide transparency in this matter.  For example, all correspondence with telecoms must be in writing for the public to view.

5.  Citizens must be given the opportunity to provide substantial input into the draft ordinance. Please hear our detailed concerns and amend the draft for the public good.

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