Let Our Girls Play

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I am a concerned parent of the U8 Central Altadena Little League Softball team (AKA CALL Ducks) in California. 

Our team was formed in a small town and as a result of only having one team, we were permitted to tie-in with a neighboring towns league (San Marino National Little League), which had 3 additional teams of the same age group. This in turn formed a league of 4 teams total.

Our girls have worked hard, practicing several hours a week in solidarity and on their own. They have made great strides as a team and have grown to love a sport that only several weeks ago they barely knew how to play. As of now the CALL Ducks sit in 2nd place in the standings. Our families and community have rallied around our team and together we have created one strong unit.

Approximately one week ago, we were informed by San Marino National Little League that our girls were being eliminated from the playoffs. The reason given was that the President of their league would not sign off on it. The fear being that the league could not allow a winning playoff team to NOT be from San Marino. I can not help but view this as an act of bad faith on San Marino’s part. The timing is poor as we are only two games away from wrapping up the season and again, we sit in 2nd place. Additionally, this call was made exactly one day after our team won a game against the league’s only undefeated team. It’s difficult not to draw conclusions.

To be clear: A group of fully grown adults have conspired to eliminate a single team comprised entirely of 6, 7 and 8 year old children, from participating in a game that they have fully earned the right to play, without cause or warning, all under the Little League. 

Please show our girls your support by signing this petition and asking the San Marino National Little League President Dan Giddings and VP of Farm Softball Jason Rome to do the right thing and #LetOurGirlsPlay.  

Thank you. 

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