Strip Officer Josh Walsh of his badge for gross negligence in shooting of local dog

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Officer Josh Walsh responded to a possible break and entering in a residential area of San Luis Obispo. Upon arrival the resident of the apartment informed the officers that there was not break in. Officer Walsh then chose to draw his service weapon. He fired 3 rounds at the residents dog, 2 of which hit the animal. One of which missed. This not only represents a gross negligence with a firearm but endangered the lives of all residents in the complex. Officer Walsh had a variety of non lethal options at his disposal and instead chose to discharge his weapon. Not only is this a tragic and heartbreaking incident for the owner of the dog it is a case of unwarranted force and gross misuse of weapon. Please add your voice to this petition and help us get justice for the dog and the owner and help us make the city of San Luis Obispo safer by ensuring a higher standard for our law enforcement officers.