Petition San Juan County to Impose a Moratorium on New Vacation Rental Permits

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This petition urges the San Juan County Council to impose an immediate moratorium on the issuance of Vacation Rental Permits. The moratorium should remain in place until the county has implemented new regulations that meet the public need.

There are currently no limitations on the number of Vacation Rental Permits issued by San Juan County. While there are economic benefits to local residents from short term rentals, over half of the existing vacation rental permits are owned by out-of-county operators.

Residents of San Juan County have expressed concern about the impacts of unlimited vacation rental growth. These include erosion of long term and affordable housing, rural character, and the quality of neighborhood and community life.

After three Orcas Island community conversation gatherings during the summer and fall of 2019, attendees were clear that a moratorium is the first essential step.

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