Decrease Fall 2020 Tuition - San Jose State University

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Covid-19 impacted everyone greatly, especially students. Given that a majority of courses taken at San Jose State University during the Fall 2020 will be remote, there should be a deduction in tuition cost. This is for two reasons, the first being none of us planned for this to be the route taken when attending SJSU Fall 2020 semester, so regular tuition rates applying made sense back when Covid-19 and quarantine were not a huge factor in our lives. Working online does not work for everyone and doesn’t truly ensure we are getting the full quality of the education we are paying for. Our tuition cost should be deducted because we are literally learning behind a screen now. This doesn’t only halt the “college experience”, but the college educational experience as well. Secondly, a lot of individuals have been financially impacted by Covid-19. All students don’t get a sufficient amount of aid, and just paying for day to day expenses has put a financial strain on a lot of students. Due to this, students should have their tuition cost decreased. It simply makes no sense to charge all students the rate of regular tuition when we are all behind a screen and not getting the full benefits of being a SJSU Spartan. Accommodations and adjustments have been made in several areas for students due to Covid-19, however none have been made in the biggest area most students are worried about which is tuition.