Cancel SJSU Classes leading to Thanksgiving Break

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The air quality is only getting worse, especially in the heart of downtown San Jose where circulation is poor. The air quality index score is above 170 which is deemed unhealthy and is borderline very unhealthy (200+).

Update 11/18 11:05 PM: The SJSU administration has decided to resume classes on Monday and Tuesday even though as this update is being written the air quality index score is 152 in San Jose. It's important to note that when the administration emailed students to shut down the campus on 11/14 at approximately 11:04 PM the air quality index score was 164. Clearly, there has been no significant improvement since then and therefore the administration is betting on the future. 

Update 11/19 11:30 AM: As expected the air quality index score is 157 and still unhealthy for many students.