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San Jose Sharks Please make an "It Gets Better" video

San Jose Sharks, stand up against anti-gay bullying and homophobia in the National Hockey League!

In an unprecedented move, the San Francisco Giants have released their own It Gets Better video, and supporters of LGBT rights from coast to coast, border to border and beyond have begun writing to their teams asking them to follow suit. (UPDATE: Just a few days ago, the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox announced they are going to make It Gets Better videos as well!)

This petition is for all fans, home or away, of the San Jose Sharks imploring the men in teal to stand up for what's right, and let it ring loud and clear from the Shark Tank across the United States and Canada "It Gets Better"!

Be the first team in the National Hockey League to step forward and make a huge difference for many hockey fans! 

Letter to
Head Coach Todd McLellan
Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kent Russell
Executive Vice President of Business Operations Malcolm Bordelon
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General Manager Doug Wilson
As loyal fans of the San Jose Sharks we would like to respectfully ask that the Sharks record their own "It Gets Better" message in support of LGBT youth.

Recently, the San Francisco Giants became the first major pro sports team to officially support the "It Gets Better" project by recording a video of their own, and fans around the nation have begun petitioning their home teams to do the same and stand up to the bullying of gay kids. (UPDATE: Just a few days ago, the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox announced they are going to make "It Gets Better" videos as well.)

That's why we think the Sharks should step up the center line and record their own "It Gets Better" message. The Sharks are considered to be a class team that welcomes all fans of every stripe in to the Tank to support our boys. It is the classiest move of all to defend the rights of others to be who they are without persecution. No one should be subject to prejudice, bullying, violence or hatred. Everyone should be free to live their lives without fear.

We, the undersigned, are asking the Sharks to do the right thing, standing as one with us against hatred and prejudice for the good of all Americans and Canadians as well as all LGBT hockey players and fans everywhere.

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