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Petitioning State Senator Jim Beall and 7 others

San Jose Police: Enforce the Law by getting this STOLEN BEAGLE back to his Family from dog thieves known location.


Stealing a beloved animal family member is cruel, horrible, and atrocious.Johann was unlawfully taken from his family and sold or given away.  Pet theft is one of the worst forms of animal cruelty.    

Please support the return of Johann to his family.

Letter to
State Senator Jim Beall
State Representative Paul Fong 2
California State House
and 5 others
California State Senate
District Attorney of Santa Clara County Jeff Rosen
Assistant District Attorney of Santa Clara County Marc Buller
President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Ken Yeager
Office to the Cheif - San Jose Police Department Larry Esquivel
We, the undersigned, call upon S.J.P.D. and San Jose City Council to serve justice in the safe return of Johann the beagle. He was unlawfully obtained and MUST be returned to his family.

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