Help SJSU Students Cancel Their Lease at The Grad in the Middle of COVID-19 Outbreak!

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At the beginning of the Spring semester at San Jose State University, many students did not anticipate the global pandemic that we are stuck in now. Many had no idea how serious this virus was going to affect their lives. This virus left many SJSU students, and their families, with no jobs, which unfortunately means no income to bring in. With San Jose States abrupt switch to online classes, many students are no longer wanting to stay in San Jose, a city where the coronavirus cases just keep enumerating. Due to this, students prefer to go back to the safety of their home with their loved ones, while still having to pay for their apartments they no longer are occupying. Other students, excitingly had begun the hunt for new apartments or begun their renewal of leases, without knowing what effect COVID-19 would take on them. 

As a new school year approaches, many students prefer to remain home but the challenge now is untying themselves from their apartment leases that are giving them no option to cancel. In the middle of a pandemic, it would be expected for apartment management to have a bit of understanding or empathy. At The Grad San Jose, a newly constructed building, many students have been trying to remove themselves from their leases because of the unfortunate situation they are in. Since many students lost their jobs, their family nor they, have the financial means to continue paying or no longer find it necessary to continue staying in San Jose when classes will be held online. This begs the question... Why should students be forced into keeping their leases when they aren't able to afford them anymore?

Similar situations are occurring in various apartment complexes where SJSU students are trapped in their leases and have no option of cancellation. Similar to other apartment complexes, The Grads' only option to remove yourself from the lease is by having someone take over your lease, a process called reletting. In all this chaos, not very many students are willing to stay in San Jose, much less take over a lease. As the only option, it is not a guarantee that the lease will be taken out of students hands. The Grad repeatedly lets future residents know that they are doing what they can to figure out an option to create a cancellation policy but a majority of them have not heard back. That is why it is up to the students at San Jose State University to petition for a change and help give other students the opportunity to terminate their lease. 

We are hoping to count on your signatures! Please take the time to consider and show empathy to these students who are now left unemployed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and are not able to pay for their housing.  

Thank you for your support!