Fire and charge the cops that killed Shayne Sutherland while he was UNARMED and handcuffed

Fire and charge the cops that killed Shayne Sutherland while he was UNARMED and handcuffed

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Started by Karen Sutherland

Shayne Sutherland, age 29 was killed by restraint asphyxiation by two Stockton, Ca Police Officers on October 8, 2020. Shayne called 911 from and Am/Pm store on Trinity parkway in Stockton, Ca. Instead of simply helping Shayne, whom had committed NO crime, the responding officers were belittling him and judging him and ultimately took his life. Shayne was complying and being polite even addressing these officers as “Sir” and apologizing to them. From the video it appears Shayne gets spooked by something and jumps up, but turns right into the officers. He was not trying to run, even though he was not under arrest so there was no reason for these officers to attack him. Shayne was UNARMED with his hands cuffed behind his back while lying in the prone position after being slammed to the ground by these officers. Shayne was of NO threat and these police officers ignored his pleas telling them several times “I can’t breathe”, “I’m dying”, and calling out for his mama. 
Stockton Police Department lied to his mother and his children’s mother and said that Shayne “Stood up and collapsed, and stopped breathing”. They denied having any physical contact with Shayne, which the videos prove otherwise. 
Stockton PD as well as the San Joaquin County District Attorney have also failed to release the unedited body cam and store surveillance which has been asked for by the family and the family’s attorney. 
Stockton PD and the District Attorney have also failed by not disciplining the officers involved at all, but did give them each a three day paid vacation after they killed Shayne.
We are asking that Accountability be served and these corrupt officers be fired and never be able to work in law enforcement again, and that they are charged for unnecessarily killing Shayne, as he posed zero threat and was physically restrained rendering him unable to pose any threat to anyone including the officers restraining him. 
Law enforcement knows better than to keep someone in the prone position because of the risk of asphyxiation. Not only did they have Shayne in the prone position with his hands cuffed behind his back, but one officer was sitting on Shayne’s back and pressing an arm into the side of his neck as there was also a baton being used to restrain Shayne as well. Shayne was struggling to breathe as anyone would be in that position.  These officers are responsible for Shayne’s death as was ruled a HOMICIDE by Dr Bennet Omalu, a well known and respected Forensic Pathologist. Please help us and sign this petition and share it everywhere. Shayne deserves Justice as he did not deserve to have his life taken from him and his family. Thank you for your support! 

966 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!