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Petitioning City Hall, Room 200, Mayor Edwin M. Lee c/o Deputy Paul Henderson and 1 other

San Fransisco Police Department ( Inspector Anne Mackenzie ): Replace Missing Persons Inspector Anne Mackenzie

It is imperative we have this petition signed! It has been five months since Christian Hughes went missing from a home he was visiting in San Francisco. Detective Anne Mackenzie sent his case back to San Diego where he is from. We don’t have any detectives to help us since San Diego has no jurisdiction in San Francisco. Chrishtian is missing without a trace .We have witnesses and leads that have come forward whose insight strongly suggests foul play. Crishtian did not leave that night. Something terrible happened. He deserves to be found and justice to be served to those involved in his disappearance!



Letter to
City Hall, Room 200, Mayor Edwin M. Lee c/o Deputy Paul Henderson
Attorney General Kamala Harris
We are requesting the Office of the Attorney General Kamala Harris,

To remove Detective Anne Mackenzie from her position. We are also requesting the AG’s office to intercede with SFPD to have Crishtain Hughes missing case (#13011234) be brought back to San Francisco and re-opened. His case should never have been 500 miles away from where he went missing, leaving his family completely helpless. We have leads and witnesses that point towards foul play. We do not have a detective to help investigate these leads since his case was sent to San Diego. We go to them for help and they tell us they have no jurisdiction in San Francisco. This is a HUMAN life, not a lost wallet!!
Anne Mackenzie is complacent in her job. We as tax payers are paying for these officers to retire as well their everyday salary. To be denied because we have a detective who is over it, is not fair. In our case Anne Mackenzie has been on the force for almost 29 years. She refuses to do her job, she refuses to give families services such as search dogs or viewing street camera films. She is just sitting back waiting to collect her pension. In the meantime we have missing family members out there at risk, whose lives are in danger. These are Sons, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandsons . She can go home at night and not even worry about where these boys are. All she cares about is that fat salary she is going to get in the end.
We have proved it over and over again, WE are the tax payers here. She leaves the force with over $112,164 a year and leaves behind families lost, heartbroken, and devastated . She has not abided by any laws that pertain to missing persons. She thinks we will be out of sight out of mind by the time she is retired. She makes it look like she doesn’t have any missing persons, because she sends the cases back to the city where they are from.
If she thinks she is going to retire without a huge lawsuit against her and the SFPD
Think Again Anne Mackenzie!
The current annual entry-level salary for SFPD Police Officers is:
$88,842 to $112,164
• 10 paid vacation days a year during the first five years of service.
• 15 paid vacation days a year during the next 10 years of service.
• 20 paid vacation days a year after 15 years of service.
• 4 floating holidays.
• 13 paid sick days a year and several health care plans.
• Bilingual pay and special assignment pay.
• Retirement benefits: 3% of final compensation per year of service at age 58, with a maximum of 90% benefit based on years of service

These cases are being worked backwards and thereore written off.
This is the way it SHOULD be done:
By David Van Norman, Deputy Coroner Investigator
Former Unidentified-Missing Persons Coordinator
January 2009
"Another common attitude I encounter is “there is no evidence of foul play.” This is a somewhat stupid observation. Of course there isn’t any evidence of foul play, the person is missing! Frequently, there isn’t evidence of anything! If you were called to the scene of a decomposed body of a man in a field would you assume that since you don’t see any injuries that he died of natural causes? If you responded to a scene in which a man is slumped in a chair, clutching a gun in his right hand, with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head, would you assume suicide? If so, you may neglect to ask whether the decedent is right or left handed, or fail to verify that the gunshot wound is a contact injury, rather than fired from four feet away! My rule of thumb as a death investigator is that EVERY death is a homicide, until I can prove otherwise. Homicide is my null hypothesis unless evidence is collected that supports an alternative hypothesis. I guarantee, that if a family member of yours were to die under any circumstances but the most benign, you will want the death investigator assigned to the case to have that attitude – rather than “assume” that nothing suspicious has happened. Likewise, should a family member of yours ever go missing, wouldn’t you rather their investigator not assume that they left of their own accord because “there is no evidence of foul play”?
The fact is if you prepare your investigation as though it could be the worst case scenario, then you will be ready for any eventuality."

Christian Hughes : Case sent back to San Diego
On Thursday 2-7-2013, Crishtian Hughes vanished in San Francisco without a trace. He was last seen at 12:30 a.m. at the home of friends he was visiting, 962 Capitol Ave, San Francisco, CA.
When his friends woke up around 10:00 a.m., they said he was not there. Christian family filed a missing persons report with the San Francisco Police Department. It is SFPD policy to send all missing persons cases back to the city in which they are from. Leaving the family to search on their own.
In this case Crishtian Missing Person's file is now in San Diego CA. 500 miles away from where he is missing. It makes no sense.
It is unlike Christian to go missing on his own..Crishtian has a firm history of informing his family of his whereabouts—he has NEVER not informed his family of his location or his plans.
There has been no phone activity from his cell phone since 12:30 a.m. 2-7-2013, Along with his bank cards, as well as S.S.#

CRISHTIAN is 20 is 5'8" tall/ slender 130 lbs, and Caucasian descent. Brown hair and Brown eyes. Crishtian was last seen wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt and black jeans .
You do not have to talk to police if you have information about Christian, Contact the Christian Hughes tips hotline at (760) 539-7211. Calls may be kept anonymous.
Sean Sidi : Missing with a Traumatic Brain Injury!/findseansidi
First they had the wrong ping info, the family and the Klaas foundation searched the wrong end of the park, so another week went by before they could search the right area. That mistake alone on Anne Mackenzies part should have made her do anything she could to find him.
Sean Sidi, a 19-year-old . Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and barely escaped with his life after brain surgery at San Francisco General Hospital several months ago. Sean has been missing for over 4 weeks and no activity on his ATM card.His mother, Lynn Ching, wants police to step up their efforts to find him by investigating a potential lead, seeking help from other law enforcement agencies and elevating his missing-person status.
"The SFPD has been complacent at best," Ching said Tuesday.
Roughly two weeks ago, the family received a tip from a woman who said she encountered a man who looked similar to Sidi near Golden Gate Park on May 21, the day he went missing. The woman said the man asked for directions to the Golden Gate Bridge, indicating that he wanted to cross it.
Ching said she asked police to submit a request for surveillance video from the bridge to confirm whether her son had crossed, but the department refused to do so.
"If we see him walking across the bridge we can start searching somewhere else," she said. Anne Mackenzie had him missing voluntarily?
Both Christian and Sean have vanished without a trace, Both these boys want to be found!
Here are other cases of Missing young men is S.F
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