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Rescind Dangerous Dog and Execution Order for Charlie.

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There are five reasons why the general public is interested in this case to save Charlie. 1) This event could have happened to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In non-agricultural areas there are not many opportunities or the recognition of need to socialize a city dwelling dog to a farm animal. 2) The officer knowingly entered an off-leash area where untethered dogs were expected. The Officers Horse was on his second day on the job. Poor judgment used on the part of the Officer resulted in the injury to him and to two animals (Horse and to Charlie). His decision was the catalyst that was the root cause of the accident. 3) This is not about shared use of public areas. This is about lack of human accountability for a lapse in judgment. The officer took an unseasoned horse, the second day on the job, into off-leash Dog Park. 4) This case has an overlay of breed discrimination. This is a simple case of an accident, with lack of humans taking accountability for lapse in judgment. Charlie should not have to pay for the perpetuation of breed discrimination with his life. He has been castrated while in custody. Perpetuation of fear of large dogs is a problem faced by all large breed owners. There has been breed discrimination and unnecessary deaths across the globe. There is no deed for which Charlie or his owner should be held liable, and the breed is not the issue. 5) The Stewardship and training responsibility for a Service Animal lies with the handler. The Mounted Officer had a duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of the public and his Horse that was new to his job. He showed poor judgment as an Officer and as a Horseback Rider to diminish the risk for losing control of his animal or to cause another lose control of theirs. The Officer should be held to the same liability as any other horseback rider who created an attractive nuisance in a public area.

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