SFUSD Students' Health at Risk – Cancel Class!

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SFUSD is one of the only school districts in the Bay Area that has not cancelled school due to the poor air conditions caused by the North Bay Wildfires. There have been several announcements that San Francisco's air is code RED. This means the air is unhealthy and not safe for students to be breathing.

Sign this petition calling on San Francisco Unified School District to cancel classes and spare students from breathing smoke polluted air!

Schools and universities all over the Bay Area have cancelled classes for the past two days. San Francisco has been the dumping ground of ash and smoke since the North Bay fires started, yet it’s public school district is one of the only to remain open!

Join us in stepping up for our health rights as students. Sign this petition to cancel class for San Francisco students as the air quality worsens!

Many students commute to school by walking or public transportation, this means they are exposed to the air for a long period of time. If you are a student in SFUSD and feel at risk due to the air quality, sign and share this petition widely.