Stop the SEIU / Airbnb Deal

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Petition of Concern

We sign this petition to express concern about the proposed labor agreement between SEIU and Airbnb. This agreement will give Airbnb political cover for its illegal practices that flaunt local regulations at the expense of our permanent housing stock and neighborhood cohesion. Coast to coast, Airbnb is profiting off the exploitation of our housing market. Where local laws and zoning restrictions exist to prohibit short-term rentals, such companies should not be allowed to enable unscrupulous landlords and illegally profit from listings in flagrant violation of those laws. By incentivizing commercial operators to take away affordable housing, they cannot claim they have no responsibility while at the same time raking in massive profits from the illegal rentals.

Our main concern is that our precious housing stock is available for those who desperately need it most—permanent residents who want to live, work and raise their families near their jobs and those who are currently houseless. And for those presently housed, we believe in the quiet enjoyment of one’s home, apartment building and/or neighborhood.

For further reading:

A deal without community involvement.

When pressed by New York officials about the extent of its unlawful activities, Airbnb simply lies.


Organizational Signatures (On-going Updates)

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California Tenant Advocates and Neighborhood Associations:

  • AIDS Housing Alliance SF
  • Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (SF)
  • Central City SRO Collaborative
  • Chinatown Community Development Corporation (SF)
  • Coalition for Economic Survival (LA)
  • Council for Community Housing Organizations (SF)
  • D5 Action
  • Eviction Free SF
  • Faithful Fools (SF)
  • Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council
  • Hooshmand Law Group (SF)
  • Keep Neighborhoods First (LA)
  • Housing Rights Committee (SF)
  • Mission Economic Development Agency (SF)
  • North Beach Tenants Community (SF)
  • San Francisco Tenants Union
  • Santa Monica for Renters' Rights
  • Senior and Disability Action (SF)
  • Sharebetter SF
  • South of Market Community Action Network (SF)
  • Tobener Law Center (SF)


  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
  • Western Regional Advocacy Project (CA, CO & OR)

New York:

  • Association for Housing and Neighborhood Development (ANHD)
  • Clinton Housing Development Co.
  • Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center
  • Goddard Riverside Law Project
  • IMPACCT Brooklyn
  • Housing Conservation Coordinators
  • Housing Court Answers
  • MFY Legal Services
  • Murray Cox, Founder Inside Airbnb
  • RENA
  • Tom Slee, Founder Whimsley (data analyst of Airbnb blog)
  • West Side Neighborhood Alliance


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