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Deny permits to build tall buildings at 777 Tennessee

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There is a pre application to build a six story building at 777 Tennessee/650 19th.  We oppose granting this permit for a variety of reasons:

Preserving the character of our neighborhood.

  1. Out of character with other buildings on that street, there are no other buildings that high on Tennessee.  A majority of existing buildings on that street are less than 5 stories.
  2. There are already over 3000 new units coming into the Dogpatch.  The pre-application only refers to residential, not retail  - do we really need another residential building?  We need retail, restaurants and grocery stores to make our community whole.  We are one of the few neighborhoods in the City without these basic retail outlets. 

Exacerbating an already overtaxed parking, traffic, and noise environment

  1. The PPA indicates an impact to parking that does not seem to take into account the cumulative impact of the already planned residential buildings planned for the area.
  2. Parking: A residential building in that lot would adversely affect parking on 18th, 19th and Tennessee streets.  That area is already severely lacking in parking and will only grow worse as more units (as already approved) are added.
  3. Traffic:  There is already significant vehicular traffic on 19th,18th, and Tennessee.  In addition, two pre-schools would be adversely affected by additional traffic and its associated noise and air pollution on that street. 
  4. Traffic: A residential building with its parking entrance on 19th would adversely affect traffic on that street, especially when the Muni turnaround is built.

Don't steal our sunlight

  1. The pre-application shows a light study indicating where the shadow of this building will impact the surrounding area.  The study reinforces that a building at that location would block morning or afternoon sun to multiple buildings, to the existing Esprit Park AND the proposed Crane Cove Park.  We live in the Dogpatch because of the sun!  Don't steal it!
  2. The study also reinforces that a building that high would block multiple building's view of the green space at Esprit park as well as light to the park itself.  Don't take away our view of green space.
  3. A building at that location would block views from the east slope of Potrero.

Property Values

  1. A building in that location would cut off the sun for over half the day at 638 19 th street, adversely affecting property values.  This building is one of the few non rentals in the area and we need to be respectful of those that have purchased property in the area.

We urge the SF Planning Department to reject this and similar applications for this area of the Dogpatch.

We urge DNA, PDMA, Potrero Boosters, and residents of the surrounding buildings to sign this petition and make our opposition known.

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