Don't cut the 33 bus service on Potrero Ave -- Equal access towards SF General

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SFMTA is going to reroute bus 33 service off of 16th Street at Potrero Ave to Potrero Ave. & 25th Street.   

Cutting this part of the 33 bus service will create extreme hardship for many people.  Those include but not limited to seniors using canes and walkers, people with physical difficulties going up and down of buses, those  who are feeling ill on their way to San Francisco General Hospital, people with disabilities,  (wheelchair users, visually impaired or blind,  and those with different mobility issues) low income families who can't afford to transfer carrying groceries, and parents with baby strollers.  Cutting this part of the line means asking all of these riders to transfer to the always packed 9 bus, which also means too packed to be able to pick up wheelchairs, walkers and or strollers.  Some seniors and people with visually impairments have difficult time navigating when making a transfer and this is the case when they are feeling fine; however, this is extra hard when they are feeling ill and have to get to the hospital.  

Just to give you an example, this is one of the situation I experienced a couple of weeks ago on the 33 line.

I was on 33 bus heading toward SF General Hospital.  The bus I am on, we have 2 wheelchairs on board.  When the driver turned onto 16th Street from Mission, we saw 2 more people using wheelchairs going to SFGH and wanted to get on this bus.  She told them that she is not able to pick them up because she has 2 wheelchairs on board already and please wait for the next bus.  As she was speaking, the next 33 bus came.  We saw the bus behind us picked them up.  Then, we saw 2 more wheelchair users at 16th and Bryant Street and again the driver told them that they will have to wait for the 3rd buses because both our bus and the bus behind have 2 wheelchairs already.  

 What do you think of this situation?  What if all of them weren't feeling well and had to transfer to the 9 bus on Potrero Ave. and couldn't get on for the same reason or for other reasons?  How long do people like them, all the people I listed above have to wait to get to wherever they are going?  And, what if this above situation happened during peak hours when it is impossible for anyone to get onto the 9 bus easily at that stop (16th and Potrero Ave.)?  

I am asking you to advocate for continuing of the 33 line as it is to make sure all people have equal access to our bus services in San Francisco.  I am a person with a disability and I know from personal experience that this type of change will hugely impact a lot of under-served populations in a very very negative way.  Please  take action to keep the 33 line continued on Potrero Ave. towards SFGH by signing this petition and tell your network about this.  If you would like to be more involved with this campaign or any other transit related issues, contact the Transit Justice group at Senior and Disability Action.  415.546.1333.

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