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Give San Jose back to the A's so MLB and the city of San Jose can thrive

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If your an A's fan who wants your team to be able to compete in todays MLB and have the money to afford good players. Then you already know that the Oakland A's need a new stadium. Now the city of Oakland has had many years to help the team reach there goal but unfortunately they cant help them. The A's tried to move to Fremont, CA and that plan fell through. Now for the past few years the city of San Jose has opened up its arms to the A's. Provided them land and any help they need to move there.

The A's, San Jose, and MLB want to move to San Jose but there is one hurdle in the way. This hurdle is the San Francisco Giants claiming that they own the San Jose territorial rights and they wont waive them so the A's can compete on a professional level.

Here is a brief history on the territory rights. Back in the day the late owner of the A's Walter Haas gave the Giants the rights to San Jose because they Giants needed a new stadium so that they could make money to buy new players and compete in the industry. Giants took the rights went to San Jose and tried to get a stadium built there but voters turned them down. You see the A’s did this out of the kindness of there hearts. The Giants were going to move out of San Francisco and go to Florida, but the good ol’ A’s stepped in and said “this isn’t good for the Bay Area, This isn’t good for major league baseball” and handed over the rights to try and help the Giants achieve there highest potential and stay in the Bay Area. After the vote the Giants were sold to another group of people which in turn financed there own new stadium in San Francisco and ultimately won the 2010 World Series.

All is good right?? NO! its not. Giants will not support an A’s move to San Jose. Giants will not help out the A’s when they need it most yet A’s helped out the Giants when they needed it most.

I don’t know about anybody else out there but when I ask someone for help I always appreciate the help they give me and I return the favor.

Giants act like if the A’s move to San Jose that no more people will go to San Francisco to watch there team play. That’s a load of crap! I live in San Jose and im a Raiders fan yet the 49ers are moving to Santa Clara, CA and your not gonna see me become a 49ers fan. You wont see me going to there games. If they really think that then that’s an insult to there fan base and there fan base should be outraged that they think so poorly about them.

Just imagine what events could be hosted in San Jose if the stadium was built

-Baseball games
-Playoff Baseball games
-World Series games
-All Star Games
-College Football Bowl Games
-International Soccer

Imagine talking your son to his first baseball game or watching the Home Run derby with him at an All-Star Game.  Or even running into your favorite baseball player at the store because he is in town for a 3 game series.  All the precious memories that could be in San Jose with a new state of the art stadium.  The city of San Jose deserves a Major League Baseball team.  The city deserves more jobs.

All these events would bring tons and tons of money to the city of San Jose and all the businesses here. It would also bring hundreds of jobs for people who want or need jobs.

All I ask is sign this petition so we can prove there is a voice in San Jose that’s tired of the Giants acting like they own us, like they control our every move, like they know what is best for us.

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