Save the Historic San Dimas Packing House

Save the Historic San Dimas Packing House

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In the early 1900's, San Dimas produced massive amounts of citrus and housed the largest lemon packing house in the world. San Dimas had 5 packing houses in total, almost all of which have been dismantled or destroyed. The existing structures at the northwest corner of Bonita and Cataract are what remain of the lemon packing house, and with potential new zoning changes these historic buildings may be at risk of being demolished.

We residents of San Dimas believe what remains of the historic lemon packing house should be saved. As an important part of San Dimas's past, we believe the City should do everything in its power to preserve this historical structure and repurpose it for modern uses.

We urge the San Dimas City Council, Planning Commission and all decision makers to:

1) take proactive steps to require preservation of the existing packing house structures in any future development and

2) encourage developers with a background in historic building preservation that may be interested in this property.

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