Change the SDUHSD System Back to Mandatory Pass/Fail

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Recently, the SDUHSD School Board made the decision to revert back to letter grades as a grading option for the 2019-2020 school year. As students part of SDUHSD, we strongly disagree with this, for the following reasons.

1. Lack of trust. On April 29, the SDUHSD Board announced that it would be heading into Credit/No Credit options in order to cope with online distance learning, which seemed to be a viable option and generated agreement among most of the students and parents. Currently, it is about 4 weeks before the end of the school year. To suddenly turn around and pull the rug underneath us is a disgrace to many people in the district, and should not be tolerated. There ought to be transparency among the district, and much of that should come from staying true to one's word, which the district has evidently not done.

2. Lack of representation. Tonight, at the hearing, a majority of the speakers and advocators were parents, whose voices, although important, should not be prioritized above that of the student. While it is true that some students were also in favour of this option to transfer into letter grades, it is still incredibly unfair to not have student representatives or parent representatives on the opposing side as well. Students' opinions were not taken into account, and the board hastily made a decision that was not representative of the entire district.

A few weeks ago, the district held a meeting to discuss a double A/A- grading policy. At this meeting, there were voices heard from both sides, rather than a single, completely biased perspective. That was not the same thing with the meeting on May 14th, which draws suspicions as to what exactly harboured this difference.

3. Lack of equality. The entire purpose of Credit/No Credit was to ensure equality among everyone, including people whose lives have been affected greatly by this pandemic. By switching into these options, it is providing a foundation for bias, inequality and injustice among multiple aspects. Whether it is students who choose their option of Credit or Letters, or teachers, there is going to be an inevitable imbalance among the district, which is unacceptable.

SDUHSD is known for its quality education and respectable schools. Let's keep it that way.