San Diego: Stop One Paseo, it's too big for Carmel Valley

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San Diego: Stop One Paseo, it's too big for Carmel Valley

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Ken Farinsky started this petition to San Diego City Council Sherri Lightner and

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As proposed, the bulk and size of the proposed One Paseo project will drastically change the lives of Carmel Valley residents. Proposed at three times what the site is planned for, One Paseo will significantly alter the character of this community and cause intolerable traffic congestion along our roads.

We are not against development and we are supportive of a mixed-use project on this site, but one that is appropriate for Carmel Valley. Unfortunately, the developer of One Paseo has ignored our requests for a plan that better fits our community and, instead, continues to push a 1.45-million-square-foot project.

If built as currently proposed, One Paseo would:

* Stand as one of the most dense mixed-use retail projects in California.

* Impose downtown heights on Carmel Valley with two 170-foot buildings along El Camino Real.

* Lengthen our commutes and create dangerous conditions for cyclists and pedestrians with four times the traffic on our roads.

* Destroy our community character by removing trees and greenery to accommodate nine lanes on Del Mar Heights Road.

* Burden our schools and parks with thousands of new residents but no new public facilities.


We are asking decision makers to reject this project and request that a much smaller One Paseo, one that is compatible with our local community, be proposed.

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This petition had 3,672 supporters

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