SDSU should grant students A's or a passing grade for all classes taken this semester!

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Due to the spread of COVID-19, many classes have been changed to an online format at San Diego State. However, many students are experiencing extreme frustration due to the following problems such as the distortion of audio when using Zoom or simply not having access to a computer. Moving our classes online is unfair. We did not sign up for online class and this shift limits our study and research, not everyone excels with online courses. This abrupt change can harm the grades of many students and affect more than just their grade. We are talking about graduation, potentially passing a class, GPA, etc... Given that we are very concerned about our academic success we propose that our university officials take into consideration granting us with a passing grade or at least a grade based on what we have done up until now, as we are feeling emotionally distressed, anxious and frustrated due to being forced to take our courses online and that isn't what we signed up for. Please consider this request as this decision is enormously affecting our academic performance.