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San Diego gay man needs help NOW to stop deportation to Uganda!

Joseph Sekajugo Bokombe, a gay man from Uganda, is in custody in the United States for an expired visa. His deportation hearing happened in March 2011, with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) now actively processing his deportation back to Uganda.  

Uganda is a particularly toxic climate for LGBT people. The government has considered legislation that would sentence LGBT people to life imprisonment or execution, and violence toward LGBT people is rampant in the country. Yet despite these circumstances, ICE is moving ahead with sending Joseph back to the country.

Joseph lives in San Diego and works in the music industry, volunteers at a local church and non-profit, and has been known to karaoke at a local bar. Please sign this petition to request granting an extension to his visa and possible permanent residency. The U.S. should not send him back to Uganda, where he faces the threat of violence solely because of his sexual orientation.

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  • Assistant Director, ICE
    John Morton
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    Secretary Janet Napolitano
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    Susan Davis

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