Put the officers who killed Kurt Reinhold in Jail

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Kurt Reinhold was a citizen of San Clemente with a wife and two children who was unlawfully killed by San Clemente Police. Reinhold was homeless and jaywalking one afternoon when he was approached by two cops and both verbally and violently harassed. When he tried turning away from them, the officer would push or pull him and begin another altercation. Suddenly, both officers piled on top of him, and shots were heard. These shots were fatal for Reinhold, someone who committed a minor mistake that white residents of San Clemente don't get fined for. The San Clemente Police need to be held accountable for this murder. This petition calls to investigate Kurt Reinhold's death and incarcerate and punish the officers who brutally killed him. Deputy Israel, one of the officers who assisted in killing him is already working again as a homeless liaison, without any leave or repercussions. We need the officers who killed Kurt Reinhold to no longer be in service and to be prosecuted for their murder.