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To make sure Jerre Ford and Joan Mitchell never own a dog again!

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On May 18th 2017, sheriff deputies served a warrent on Joan Mitchells property in Phelan, CA. That is when they found over 30 dogs, mostly all afghan hounds, living in terrible filthy conditions, almost all were emaciated and in terrible health. They had found Jerre Fords' (Zoso Afghans) puppy mill and dumping ground. Jerre Ford has been a thorn in the afghan hound community since the 70s. She has been breeding afghans since she was 13 and it has been a problem since the day she started. She produces sick dogs, ill tempered dogs and many end up in afghan rescues. She breeds for money and has no regard for the health of the dogs, even selling sick dogs to unknowing people. She even most recently lost a civil suit that was brought against her in regards to her failed health guarantee and selling an 8 year old afghan that had cancer and lied about the dog being healthy.A short 3 months later, the beloved dog would have to be put to sleep after the new owner discovered the cancer. 

The afghans that were seized on the property are all in poor health. They ranged in age from 5 weeks to the oldest at 11. One is even pregnant!  Some were so emaciated that they probably would have died soon had they not been discovered! The shelter had to put down the 5 week old puppy due to health reasons and one female afghan died due to poor health. Jerre Ford is claiming no responsibility and is even lying about ownership of the dogs, however pedigrees and contracts all go back to her owning the dogs. Jerre Ford is currently still breeding with a pregnant bitch, frozen semen, another female that possibly has been bred and 4 puppies she is hiding at her costa mesa home. We need to end this before she can start her puppymill again! 

Jerre Ford and Joan mitchell need to be held accountable and never own dogs again! Please sign this petition to let the district attorney and AKC know we want justice for these dogs and want this to stop. 

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