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Take liability for a death they caused.

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My mother, Laura Zepeda, was T-Boned on the passenger side by a San Antonio Police officer on the evening of January 9, 2012. Since that day my mom never came home and was in the hospital, a nursing home, and Hospice care until 5/4/2012 when she passed away.

We've all seen the cops who blaze through a traffic lights, don't yield, or turn on their lights just so they can get to the corner store or a restaurant without being inconvenienced. We all know it happens, but Officer Elizabeth Padron's lack of yielding at a red light caused my 41 year-old mother's death. Our tax dollars are still paying Officer Padron's salary even though she caused an innocent citizen's death. Where is the justice in that?

Did you know the city of San Antonio has an expense cap of $250,000? My mother was in SAMMC for 2 1/2 months. Her bill reached the City of San Antonio's limit of $250,000 in only two weeks. So, now my family is in a lot of debt, but most importantly, my siblings and I are left without a mother. How can the city and the police department not have any liability in this? What happened to my mom could happen to anyone.

When is the police department going to "crack down" on police who don't follow the rules and drive badly. Most major companies have signs on the backs of the vehicles saying "call this number if I am driving badly".

Here in Texas, if you murder an on duty police officer, it is capital murder. What happens when an officer hits an innocent citizen and passes away as a direct cause? Well as of the 9th of January, nothing has happened.

We will bury my mom on Thursday. Something needs to change. This isn't right.

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